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PRECIDIUM Hand Sanitizer

TWINCITY is now offering Quantum Chemical's PRECIDIUM Hand Sanitizer in 1Liter amounts to the general public. We are also offering it to select customers in 1oz. Squeeze Bottles.For information on this product we have more information on the website in both English and French. View it here:

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Best-Before Dates Linked to Colossal Food Waste : Study

Research suggests Canadians are among the biggest food-wasters in the world. A recent study found every Canadian lost or wasted almost  400 kilograms of food a year. And almost half of the waste that occurs happens at home. But why could this be the case? It turns out that Best Before labels have emerged to be a major villain for this problem, with people not knowing what they really mean and thinking that consuming a product after the date written will cause a potential health problem. In reality, this is not the case, as best before dates refer to food quality, and not safety. "Many products that carry the dates don't even need them" says Denise Philippe, one of the...

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Putting Vollrath Induction To Work For You

Induction cooking technology is cooking that gets straight to the point. Vollrath is the leading manufacturer of commercial induction cooking equipment technology in the industry. Induction cooking is the concept that is generated by the cooking equipment itself through magnetism on the electrical induction range. This direct transfer of heat energy brings astronomical efficiency improvements from conventional gas and electric ranges being able to: Shorter cooking times Lower energy costs Precision heat control Safer cooking surfaces For additional information on how it works watch the video below to learn how induction technology products can put money back into your pocket.

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LeoLight Switch To Wick Based Fuels

With our award of Environmental Stewardship from the Thunder Bay Chamber Of Commerce, Twin City is continually adding to our line of environmentally conscious products with Safe Wick chafing fuels. Eliminate Risk. Reduce Liability. Stop using dangerous flammable gels and substitute with safe wick fuel. Make The Safe Switch To Wick BE ECO-FRIENDLY GEL FUEL PRODUCES 2-3X MORE WASTE Make the switch today to LeoLight's VIEWS™   Clear-Can Wick Fuel!   Click here for the Dangers of Gel                      Click here for our Try & Buy Form Click here for more information on VIEWS

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