Cast Iron 101 - The Benefits of Cast Iron

Cast Iron Cookware Can Go Anywhere.
Use your cast iron cookware on any kitchen stovetop, outdoor grill, or even an open campfire. Then you can take your delicious meals right to the table to serve. 

Cast Iron Cookware Can Make Almost Anything.
Sear pork chops, grill steaks, saute veggies, fry eggs and bacon, bake a gooey skillet cookie, and so much more. The versatility of cast iron lets you cook pretty much anything.

Cast Iron Cookware is Tough.
Cast iron is made to last a lifetime, and sometimes multiple. You can use any utensil with it, ranging from silicone, wood, and even steel utensils without any issue. Although cast iron is not truly indestructible, it will handle the heat and be useful for all of your culinary adventures for any meal, kitchen, or environment.

Cast Iron Has a Natural Non-Stick Finish.
Lodge Cast Iron starts the seasoning of their cast iron cookware in-house to prevent sticking the first time you cook. With proper cleaning, storage, and care you will see the performance of your cast iron get better and better.

Cast Iron Cookware is Easy to Use.
From start to finish, using cast iron is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. And with its durability it can be used from stovetops to campfires, to ovens. Where you start your cooking adventures begins with your cooking ideas.

Start by pre-heating your cast iron cookware on your similar-sized burner of choice and gradually add heat to let your cast iron hold onto heat and prevent food from sticking. Don't forget to use a handle mitt or a cloth of choice, as the handle will get hot. 

Once your cast iron cookware has been pre-heated, add a little oil or fat. Then simply add your food and let your cooking adventure begin!

Cast Iron Cookware Makes Food Taste Better.
Thanks to cast iron's incredible ability to hold onto heat long after its off the burner, and no use of additional non-stick coatings or sprays, there's no better way to get crispy fried chicken, flavourful roasted veggies, a perfect loaf of bread, or your own fish dinner on the side of the lake. 

Does this all sound tasty to you? Check out our collection of Lodge Cast Iron cookware at Twin City's showroom today. We have everything for the cooks at home, at restaurants, or out in the wilderness from skillets, pans, Dutch ovens, wok's and more!

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