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4" Brown Plastic Stir Stick
4" Brown Plastic Stir Stick $4.09 +

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6" Plastic Stir Stick
6" Plastic Stir Stick $4.09 +

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Cafe Mug - 8 oz
Cafe Mug - 8 oz $1.75


Cappuccino Set
Cappuccino Set $8.66


Diner Mug - 8 oz
Diner Mug - 8 oz $3


Espresso Set
Espresso Set $7.33


Genpak Cup
Genpak Cup $5.30 +

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Genpak Dome Lid
Genpak Dome Lid $6.99 +

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Genpak Tab Lid
Genpak Tab Lid $6.99 +

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Logo Mug
Logo Mug $9.16


Stir Stix, Wooden 7"
Stir Stix, Wooden 7" $5.55 +

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