Vending Services

55+ Years Of Expertise

As our catering truck business grew, we saw a need to expand our services.  We branched out into Vending Machine service, and for the last 55+ years it has been part of our core offering. Today, the products we offer are snacks and treats, healthy snacking alternatives, and a wide variety of cold refreshing drinks that make your day better.

Twincity Refreshments is a company with service as a core part of its company culture. Our success has been built on service, and more importantly, providing higher levels of vending machine service as we expand and develop new opportunities.

We prioritize our service schedule and emergency response to ensure that all equipment is running at peak performance. Should a vending machine need attention, our time-proven goal is to be on site within 2 hours, no matter the time, night or day.

Our Vending History

As our Catering Truck business grew, and opportunities presented themselves, we began offering vending machine services to our local industries.

It was an interesting time in the 60’s and 70’s.  There wasn’t a Tim’s on every corner, nor UberEATS, so we had coffee vendors, cold beverages, both canned, and cupped pop with ice, snacks, food and cigarettes (remember those).

In some of our scrolling pics, you will see a picture from the 70’s.  It is from MacMillian Bloedel – beautiful wood grain finish!

There was no potable water at the MacBlo, so our company would bring 20 gallons of city water to the Plant every day, and on the weekends so the coffee machines could make coffee for the staff non stop.

Through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, we had 5 full-time staff in our kitchen making food for the Catering Trucks and the food vendors. Everything was homemade from scratch; we made our own burgers, roasted our own turkeys and chickens, we made our own donuts, cakes, and soups but we did get our Persians from Mario at Bennett’s Bakery (The Persian Man) – They were the best!

The staff started at 5AM, Monday to Friday. It was all “old school”, and the food was fast, and homemade. We served everyone working on most construction sites, the Grain Elevators, garages, repair shops, Can-Car, Abitibi sites either breakfast, coffee, lunch and sometimes all of them.

Our Vending Today

Today, it’s a different marketplace.  Our offering is limited to cold beverages and snacks; gone are the cigarette vendors and food machines. The coffee vendors have changed to be more countertop in style, with bean-to-cup configurations becoming very popular.

What is new – we are rolling out full credit card, tap acceptance on mostly all of our vending machines. With that technology, we will have visibility on everything happening in the machines on a row-by-row, column-by-column basis. This means we will be able to provide an even more attentive service, being there when it matters most and allowing us to be more proactive in our route scheduling.

Our product offering keeps expanding with more appetizing healthy alternatives, as well as products with more recyclable packaging.

We are the largest vending service provider in our region and are partnered into a network to service national accounts. Thus, if you see a fit for Vending Service at your place of work – give us a call or email us.  We would love to talk about the choices.

Healthy Snacks

Guilt free snacking!
Twin City provides choices that are good for our customers. Our range of healthy snacks include Cliff Bars, Crispers, Smartfood Popcorn and more.

Regular Snacks

Our selection of regular snacks is chock full of the 10 most popular snacks and a wide variety of alternatives to make everyone happy.


Refreshments from Twincity!
Our selection of beverages are varied and are what your staff or guests would want. We have a range of beverages from water, sports drinks, and soda to choose from.