Office Coffee & Breakroom Service

Coffee Makes The World Go Round and We Make Coffee Go Round.

What started as a branch of our business to give hard-working foresters and remote workers a hot cup of joe has cemented itself as a core service of Twin City Refreshments; Office Coffee Service.

Though products and processes may have changed since those early days, the appreciation for a cup of coffee has not. We can provide your business with a robust service of providing quality coffee, brewing equipment, condiments, cups, and much more, to make a complete coffee enjoyment experience. All to make your office Life Well Equipped®.

Keurig Single Brew K-Cups

Keurig’s K-Cups are a staple amongst Twin City’s inventory of coffee products, energizing homes and businesses wherever we bring them. The vacuum-packed coffee inside stays fresh for longer and brews at the simple push of a button from these machines below. With a wide range of machines and over 300 coffee flavors and roasts to suit your tastes or serving environment, anybody can get a fresh cup, anytime.


Ideal for low volume in-room brewing for motels or hotels or 1-4 people.


Ideal for the small office breakroom or quick gas station coffee stop that can service 10 people.


A great choice for smaller offices, conference rooms, or breakrooms with fewer than 15 people.


Simple and versatile, with the capability for water reservoir or plumbed water right out of the box. Great for the well-used break room.


Ideal for the busy breakroom of roughly 20 people, engineered for continuous use and back-to-back brewing.

Eccellenza Touch

For the larger business serving 30 or more people. A bean-to-cup cup system that serves gourmet coffee and a wide variety of specialty beverages.

Whole & Ground Bean Coffee

The humble coffee pot to get us all going for the day. Twin City provides  brewers and coffee and can provide offices, buildings, or even events with comprehensive supplies, maintenance, and service.

Pour-Over Brewer

Plumbed Brewer

Airpot Brewer

Glass Carafe

Thermal Server

Thermal Servers

Need a portable, large volume coffee solution for an event or a conference? Twin City’s thermal gravity servers and airpots are fantastic choices to keep over 2 Liters of coffee hot for over 4 hours.

2.5 Liter Gravity Server

2.5 Liter Airpot Server

3.8 Liter Gravity Server

7.5 Liter Gravity Server

Espresso Brewers

Need a traditional Italian coffee with a professional look? Our Espresso brewers are a simple one-button solution for professional grade cappuccinos and other espresso coffee recipes.


Water Coolers

Be good to yourself and good to the world. ION Water coolers are a brilliant solution to save on bottled water while providing fresh filtered water in both ambient and refrigerated temperatures. We also provide the filter replacement service, installation, and accessories for a complete office water experience.

ION Titanium Grey Cold & Ambient Water Cooler

– Cold and Ambient temperature water dispensing.

-8 gallons per hour of Cold water at 42° F / 5.5° C, or continuous room temperature water.

– Touch-free Bluetooth water dispensing and diagnostics.

– Energy saving mode to reduce energy consumption.

– 13.6″ W x 20.6″ D x 16.2″ H comfortably fits on countertops.

ION Water Cooler Base

– Converts countertop unit to modern stand-up appliance.

– Built in cup dispenser.

– Lockable front door

CarbonPlus Water Filter

– Commercial grade filter sifts matter down to 0.5 microns in size.

– Reduces and removes Chlorine, Taste, Odour, Lead, and Bacteria from water.

– Best used on water from city or well.

– Rated for up to 1,500 Gallons at flow rate of 0.5 Gallons per Minute.

Our Products

Everything you need to have a great breakroom experience.

Keurig K-Cups

– We have over 300 options of Keurig K-Cups available!

– Our collection spans Dark, Medium, Light Flavoured, and Decaffeinated coffee roasts, including Cappuccinos and Teas.

– We carry products from dozens of globally recognized brands.

Coffee Beans & Grounds

– A full spectrum of Whole Bean and Ground coffee roasts: Dark, Medium, Light Flavoured, and even Decaffeinated.

– Our coffee is usable in Open Brewer Machines and Espresso Machines.


– Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, next to water.

– We carry wide spans of Teas: Black, Green, Herbal, and Decaffeinated teas.

Cups, Lids, Stir Sticks

– Keeping a well stocked breakroom is as important as the coffee you’re serving.

– Disposable & compostable paper hot cups or plastic cold cups from 7 oz to 20 oz.

– Cups have matching plastic lids available.

Sugars & Creamers

– Coffee additives to sweeten your staff’s day.

– Sweeteners available in both natural and non-calorie types.

– Creamers available in both natural and non-dairy types.

– Sugars and Creamers available in both individual packets or in bulk for the whole office to enjoy.

Our Services

A straightforward solution to your office coffee needs.

Product Delivery

– Twin City Refreshments history is based upon providing hard working people with a quality cup of joe.

– We will work hard with you to set up a regular delivery schedule to provide products you need directly to your business location.

– Our straightforward service for a reliable coffee solution – 55+ years running.

Brewer Service

– Our hands-free coffee service provides the benefits of a supplied coffee brewer with a service representative who will  check inventory, deliver, clean, and repair your equipment.

– Give us a call or email in the event of a  brewer failure to get an on-premise repair and/or replacement made as soon as possible.

Product Restocking

– Your business deserves great coffee. With our help, you will be able to access a variety of different beverage options to suit everyone’s needs.

– If you’re out of product, we will make sure to restock as soon as possible.

Customizable Billing

– Customizable schedule and billing for either business or personal accounts.

– If you wish to set up a payment plan via Credit Card either by order, or by month, we can do that.