Dishwashing & Plumbing Equipment

Service As Spotless As Your Dishes

When the day is done, the meals are made and enjoyed there is a need to clean them up for the next hungry customer. Our selection of commercial dish machines, sinks, and plumbing equipment will make sure that you have everything you could want to clean up for the next dish.

Upright Door Dishwashers

The go-to for just about any kitchen with a need for high volume dishwashing. High temperature, low temperature, and ventless models available.


Conveyor Dishwashers

Need a step up in performance without the start and stop of door types? Put your dishes on the belt to cleanliness and increased productivity.


Undercounter Dishwashers

Tight on space but need your dishes to be done fast and spotless? Our selection of both high and low temperature undercounter washers fill that niche with quality performance.

Flight Dishwashers

The one-track solution to high volume dishmachines for even the largest of kitchens with efficiency needs kept in mind.


Glass Washers

A small footprint packed with performance for keeping your glasses clean and ready for the next drink. Whether you need a dedicated machine or in-bar mounted implement, Twin City has what you need.

Detergents & Additives

Hot water can only clean so much from a dish, so give it the edge it needs to slice and remove grease and stains. Our wide selection of detergents, sanitizers and additives will all clean up nice.


Dishwashing Racks

Keep your dishes upright and ready for cleaning at all times with our huge selection of dishwashing racks to keep all your dishes, pots and pans, and glass ware upright and ready.


Drying Tools

Just because your dishes are clean does not mean they are ready to be served on right away. Speed up that process with our selection of drying racks, dish tables, textiles and more.


Plumbing Supplies

Need a new faucet, sink, or dishwasher set up? Twin City has all the hookups, hosing, and accessories you may need to make your kitchen better.

Safety Equipment

Dishwashing gloves, face guards, aprons, floor mats and more make your kitchen a safer place to work and clean for your employees.

Sinks & Dishtables

No matter how many dish machines you may have, the humble sink will always be needed for any kitchen, from large multi-basins to simple handwashing sinks.


Need to remind yourself or staff on general upkeep of equipment and cleanliness? Our selection of printable signage for regular safety and regulation reminders are available here.