Restaurant Smallwares

Starting Small Makes A Big Difference

Our vast collection of restaurant smallwares at Twincity allows for planning and purchasing of what you may need to build your restaurant business. We carry everything from spoons to turners, bun pans to squeeze bottles.

Bartending Equipment

A great cocktail is made with great ingredients and equally great tools. Our selection of specially designed tools from shakers, strainers, spoons, and more make great cocktails possible.

Cake Pans

Whether making one-off batches of cakes or a days’ worth of your finest breads we have the pans of material, depths, and specialties you may need.

Baking Sheets

Simple, durable, and essential. Our selection of baking and cooking sheets are available to best suit your restaurant needs.


Whether its for keeping your grill clean or making a turkey gleam our line of brushes are specialty made for their roles and readily available.


A large line of bowls for mixing, serving, or storing your food with a massive range of sizes and materials for your specific needs.

Coffee Carafes & Servers

Serving up a hot brew for everyone out at the front, our coffee servers are designed for the front of house in a whole range of styles and volumes.

Cutting Boards & Chopping Blocks

A set of equipment to let you cut above the rest, with options of all sizes, colour coding, and materials from maple hardwood to plastics.


A necessity for the front of the house to best serve your meals to customers, our lines of cutlery available span all the lines of styles and versatility to best suit your establishment.


A necessity for the front of the house to best serve your meals to customers, our lines of dinnerware available span all the lines of styles and form to best suit your establishment.


Whether you’re looking for controlled portions or decorative scoops we have the sizes of scoops and dishers that you require.

Food Storage

We have the solutions to your food packing problem at the end of the night, from individual ingredients to whole meals both hot and cold.

Graters & Shavers

From cheeses to citrus our selection of graters, shavers and zesters are purpose built for whatever you want a trim of.

Hotel Pans

For preparing, storing, and moving food items large to small, we have all the sizes from 1/9th to full ready to use from our store.

Measuring Tools

From volumes of a Pinch to a Pint we have the tools of measuring spoons to measuring pitchers that you need to make accurate measurements.

Pizza Tools

Everything you need to serve them while they’re hot from the oven and bringing them hot to hungry customers including peels, turners, pans, and cutters.


Your go-to solution for pulling up pesky griddle residue and stuck on table goo, our stainless steel scrapers are a useful multitool for any kitchen.


A silicone saviour for getting all that you can out of your sauces, toppings, and much more. Our line of spatulas come in many sizes and materials to best suit your needs.


Spoons, ladles, scoops and more for any situation that your kitchen may require.

Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles are the easy way to store your decorative sauces, syrups, and much more conveniently and easily for when you really need it.


Drain your water away without a headache. Our wide selection of small to large strainers makes it easy.


The land in between the kitchen and the customer, we have trays of all sizes, styles, and materials needed for meal and drink to reach its destination.


Helping you make great food safely, our thermometers range for applications like cooking, freezers, ovens, and even smart devices for humidity in storage.

Turners & Lifters

A grill or griddle master’s tool of choice. We have turners and lifters from stainless steel to high temp silicone for whatever you need.

Tongs & Tweezers

Grip, grab, and turn anything you want while keeping your hands safe. Available in materials from plastic to steel with lock options.