Restaurant Safety & Janitorial

Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

A clean and healthy work environment helps with keeping your workers healthier, happier, and safer in the chaos of a busy kitchen or any business. We have your restaurant safety equipment and supplies all here.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Save your workers feet and knees from damage during their hard-working hours with our range of anti-fatigue mats.

Brooms & Mops

Keep your floors clean and safe for the sake of your staff and your product output with a quality selection of brooms and mops.

Cleaning Buckets

Match up your mops with the best co-worker possible. Our cleaning and mop buckets are a perfect pair to our mops for a strong clean duo.

Cleaning Chemicals

Keep your kitchen clean on all surfaces and levels with our array of powerful cleaners from floor to ceiling.


Garbage Bags

Our selection of garbage bags are purpose made for the refuse you are throwing away from regulars, wet and heavy, or biodegradable.


Garbage Bins

Tough bins for tough jobs from the restaurant to the construction site. Find refuse bins that are just as tough as your business.

Grease Interceptors

Prevent the backing up and clogging of plumbing from fat and grease refuse into the sinks by intercepting it!


Range Hoods

A clean work atmosphere is a better one. Keep vapors, grease, and smoke out of the kitchen with range hoods to get it outside.

Roll Towel & Dispensers

Keep yourself and your workplace clean at a simple pull of a sheet of paper. Our towel dispensers are built for business.


Safety Signage

High visibility warning signs to keep your staff and customers safe from slips, falls, cuts, and other potential injuries in the workplace.

Soaps & Sanitizers

Clean your hands and surfaces safely and quickly. A clean pair of hands is paramount to the kitchen.

Cut Resist Gloves

Accidental lacerations are the leading cause of injury in the kitchen. Cut down on the risk with cut resistant gloves.


Disposable Gloves

Handle with your hands for the safety of other staff and customers and throw any contamination away.