We take responsibility for the future

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recharge and rethink. We work to follow these five R’s and are conscious of our environmental responsibility. As a family business in Thunder Bay, we are very aware of the kind of impact we can have on the environment and how this might affect children in the future.

We are energy efficient

Throughout the years we have refined our processes to achieve our ever increasing level of environmental responsibility. Using LED and Energy Star certified lighting in our warehouse and retail spaces, implementing paper and battery recycling programs, and the use of handhelds and tablets to cut back on paper all have helped reduce our carbon footprints.

...and eco-friendly

We choose to align ourselves with suppliers who share our thoughts and concerns for sustainability. On the retail side of things, we have a fantastic offering of compostable eco-friendly cups, lids, plates and takeout containers made from potato and corn.